Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I Made Part 2

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When I'm making jewelries, I like to draw it out first and mixing different shapes or pieces together before turning them into an actual piece. I love vintage,elegant, and chunky jewelries so when it comes to jewelries and accessories, I like to create pieces that goes along w/ my personality or just my personal taste in things. I like to shop at Joann Fabrics and Michaels for beads. I decided to create a pair of earrings(as you can see from the above drawing) by using the pearl beads and strapping it around the pastel purple beads. I thought it would look more elegant if it were dangling rather than a sit still earrings which is why I added the hooks. Since I still have extra beads left, I decided to create a chunky flower ring(w/out drawing it out) and using the leftover pearls. My sister suggested that I should also make a necklace so it'll be a more complete set. But then again, I have to draw it out first before putting the pieces together. Stay tune for the necklace.