Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Snow

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Having snow in the spring time is no fun. Just when I put all my winter clothes away and getting ready to wear my sandals outside, snow decided to come out and not let spring have her time to shine. Anyway, for today's post I am getting ready to go hang out w/ an old friend, Mai Nyua Xiong who I've met back in my college days that I haven't seen for a long time. She is now a writer and also loves fashion. For today's get together she is going to interview me about my fashion style, what inspires me, taking pictures of my selfmade jewelries collections, etc. This is the outfit that I wore today and before heading out to meet her at her apartment I decided to take some quick pictures. It was a fun day and it was great catching up. Hopefully, we can do this again and I can't wait to see the finish article. Please check out her blog here,

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  1. So glad you came over! Keep up the great work that you do. So many people I know want to buy your work, so start in Etsy account if you can ;)