Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hmong Maxi Skirts

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On a nice and hot weekend, my sister and I were bored and since she recently bought a new Hmong skirt at the July 4th Tournament (better known as Soccer Tournament in Minnesota) about a week ago, she really wanted to take pictures of her new skirt. At first I was suppose to take pictures of my sister only but then she wanted me to wear her other Hmong skirt that she bought 3-4 years ago and wanted me to take pictures with her too. I agreed to it and brought along my own blouse, dig through my Hmong xauv, and drove to her house. At first we thought about taking pictures at a nice park since it's such a beautiful day but we didn't have a photographer since everyone is busy so we decided not too. We both decided to take pictures together in her backyard and have her husband take pictures of us. Plus, their backyard is quite big with lots of trees and has a small pond. For both skirts it cost around $50 which is a good deal for it's quality. I love the details, colors, patterns, texture, and designs for both skirts. Also, the length for the skirts is perfect because I am really short and there's no need for trimming. If I were to trim it even shorter I'll ruined the material and the beautiful pattern. Wearing heels also adds a little height so that it doesn't look like I'm dragging the skirt on the ground. In the picture I'm wearing flats which is why it looks longer or bigger on me but overall both skirts are lovely and maybe I'l consider buying one for myself.

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