Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meet Julia Greene

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Here’s a story of a lovely lady, who was raised in a wealthy family. Her name is Julia Greene and her parents are Michael Greene & Lorraine Wilson. Her father owns a bank and sets her up in an arranged marriage to the son of Thomas Washington & Katherine Jefferson. Thomas & Michael are best friends since high school. Thomas owns a business and hopes that one day his only son, Henry Washington will take over someday. Julia & Henry went on their first date at his favorite restaurant then catch a movie later on the day. Five months into their relationship they feel in love and have been together for 2 years but bad luck was on their side as Henry received a letter to go to the army. Henry promised that when he comes back he will built a house for her on the country side and get married right away. Julia kissed & waved him off as he leaves the train station. Every month Julia receives letters from Henry telling her how much he loves and misses her. He also told her that he’s coming home for a short break and cannot wait to see her. One day Julia waits for his arrival at the train station and didn’t see Henry come out of the train. She thought that maybe he missed the train so she waited for the next train and 1 hr passed there was no sign of Henry. She waited til night falls and finally a friend of Henry came up to her and told her that Henry had died in an explosion. Three years passed and Julia would still wait at the train station for Henry to return home.

Polka Dot & Bow Blouse from Forever 21
Ivory/Cream Long Skirt from thrift store
Brown Leather Purse from thrift store
Beige Heels from lovelyshoes

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