Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY: Candle Lipstick Holder

I've been obsess with lipstick lately and have been collecting them for a long time now. I've notice that I have no space to put my lipsticks and needed a box or lipstick holder to organize my lipsticks. I was at Michaels this passed weekend and I originally was suppose to shop for beads only to make more jewelreis but ended up looking elsewhere. I came upon the candle aisle and picked up the silver glass shining bowl and next to it was the silver candle holder that has diamonds on top and bottom. Suddenly, I put it together and realized I can use both items to create my own lipstick holder. All you need is SUPER STRONG GLUE to create this DIY. You can use a glue gun as well but I refer to use a super strong glue because it's more secured.

 photo IMG_0833_zpsa752ed82.png
 photo IMG_0834_zps3d93a580.png
This is how the top part of the candle holder looks like.

 photo IMG_0829_zps06959c1f.png
Use the jewelry & metal strong glue and spread it all over the top.

 photo IMG_0838_zpsbba9ff1a.png
It should look like this.

 photo IMG_0816_zpsd1b7106c.png
Lastly, place the bowl on top of the candle holder and wait for at least 45 minute to an hour for it to dry and make sure it's secure.

 photo IMG_0822_zps4667ee1f.png
The finished look. You can now decorate it however you want. I just added the lace fabric to make it look more vintage.

 photo IMG_0843_zps25a3fdfb.png

Candle Holder- $12.99
Glass Bowl- $16.99

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