Friday, November 7, 2014

Smile For Me

 photo IMG_5676_zpsb43cfddb.png  photo IMG_5682_zpsaa2251a1.png  photo IMG_5691_zps6369f092.png  photo IMG_5695_zps2081c560.png

Knitted Off White Sweater from Target- $14
Light Blue Skinny Ankle Zipper Jeans Target- $16
Woven Top Rust/White from Forever21- $17.80
Straw Purse from Savers- $3.50
Turquoise Big Ring from Rag Stock- $5.00
Black/Beige Transparent Heels from $11.53


  1. love the sweater! can't believe it's only $14~ I really want to go to target now >__<