Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Merry Christmas

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Neon Hot Pink Dress from Old Navy- $16
Gold Elephant Necklace from Forever 21- $12
Peach/Apricot Pumps with Glitter from $14.47

My side of the family and I decided to celebrate Christmas early this year since my older three siblings are having other family events to attend to and because my parents are in California and won't be back until December 31st. We started off by praying and eating some delicious food, then played Jeopardy. We made our own categories and rules for Jeopardy so it's really fun, awesome, and it's now become our #1 family game every time we have an get together. We split teams by birthdays so my team is called, Spring Semester while the other team is called, Fall Semester. At the end of the game my team won by guessing the BONUS QUESTION, what is Elsa's kingdom name called and it has to spell with the correctly spelling. Afterwards, we all opened our gifts starting with the younger kids and the older ones played Secret Santa. I got 3 bags of chips, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Flamin' Hot Fries, Flamin' Hot Funyuns, and lastly an Floral Kimono Cardigan Print from Kohl's from my Secret Santa. We played more family games, watch Home Alone 2 movie, take family pictures and just having lots of fun. Sadly, my parents are not here to join us for Christmas but I'm glad they are having fun cruising around LA, China Town, visiting family and friends, and lastly enjoying the warm weather there. Looking forward to how next year will be like.

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