Sunday, January 4, 2015

Warm And Cozy

 photo IMG_6535_zpsd7cc614b.png  photo IMG_6550_zps0d1c0ef6.png  photo IMG_6557_zpsfc3af62c.png  photo IMG_6552_zps8164e0c2.png  photo IMG_6565_zpscf7308e4.png  photo IMG_6561_zps4b712383.png

Mustard Yellow Knitted Sweater from $21.05
Polka Dot And Bow Blouse from Forever 21
Dark Burnt Orange Tight Pants from Body Central- $19.98
Tan/Brown Backpack from Savers Thrift Store- $3.00
Gold Elephant Necklace from Forever 21- $5.00
Bow Buckle Shoes from lovelyshoes- $17.36

1 comment:

  1. awww! love the blouse and the sweater combo!! The backpack is also very cute :)