Saturday, February 21, 2015

DIY: Victorian Cameo Ring

 photo IMG_6761_zps28577528.png Materials
*Wire Cutter
*Bronze Blank Rings
*Jewelry Metal Glue
*Nail Filer
*Victorian Cameo Pendant(I bought mine from HobbyLobby)

 photo IMG_6762_zpsde3071ea.png
Step 1: Use the wire cutter and cut the loop off of the cameo pendant.

 photo IMG_6769_zps9d693586.png
It should look like this.

 photo IMG_6773_zps38482ccf.png
Step 2: Use the nail filer to smooth and remove the roughness.

 photo IMG_6775_zps9402d98e.png
Step 3: Dab just enough of jewelry glue onto the blank ring.

 photo IMG_6776_zps5a8d2a6e.png

 photo IMG_6779_zps5e2b891c.png
Step 4: Place it carefully on the back of the cameo pendant and wait for 45 minutes or longer for it to dry.

 photo IMG_6853_zps261cbcd9.png  photo IMG_7230_zps01ec8b3a.png FINISHED LOOK!!

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