Sunday, February 8, 2015

Princess Theme Birthday Party

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Celebrating my niece, Ella's 2nd birthday last night. The theme was princess and before the party started all my sisters and I are dressed up in our tutu skirts or pretty dresses to show it off to our niece. We would twirl in our skirts or dresses so that maybe she'll get excited and would want to wear her own tutu skirts in her closet. My youngest sister got Ella to wear her tutu skirt and she even let my second younger sister to put make up on her. Now, she looks like a China Doll because she has very light skin color. Later on I tried to put her in her Snow White dress but she didn't want to wear her outfit because she doesn't like to dress up or she doesn't really like to wear fancy clothes. She only wanted to wear her tutu skirt from earlier but thankfully, her mom bribed her with candy so she cooperated and decided to wear her Snow White outfit. When the party started all my nieces and other quests came in dressing in colorful dresses that matches to their favorite princess character. As for my dress, I wore my prom dress that I kept since 2005. It was my very first dress that I purchased and because it was so beautiful I couldn't donate it or give it away. I always have that image in my head like every other women would have that maybe one day when I have my own daughter I'll pass it on to her to wear for her first prom. When I put this dress on, it was a bit tight on me and thinking back I can't believe I was this tiny but I somehow managed to squeeze myself in to fit in this dress. Overall, the party was so fun and through out the whole day we were all listening to Disney songs. Like, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Frozen, etc.

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