Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello Stranger

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Hello everyone!! Sorry I haven't been updating with my fashion and DIY since it has been an hectic month for me in June. I just recently moved into an small town house with my younger siblings. I've been doing a lot of packing and then unpacking all my belongings, cleaning our new place, buying new furnitures, plus groceries shopping, etc. My siblings and I are basically been busy organizing the new place to make ourselves feel at home and I'm starting to like the new changes. This is actually the first time that we're moving out and are on our own and I'm also starting to feel comfortable in this new place and taking on larger responsibility. It also allows me to have more free time on my own and do things that I love to do without getting interrupted. The weather has been really hot and sunny lately so I've finally got the chance to take some pictures outside my neighborhood. I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful day.

Long Floral Kimono from Poshmark
Black Romper from H & M
Silver Coin Necklace from an Flea Market
DIY Gladiator Sandals

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