Wednesday, August 3, 2016

DIY: Chloe Faye Bag Inspired

While shopping in Forever 21 at Rosedale Mall a month ago, I came upon this purse for $22.90 sitting on the white shelf counter along with some clothes folded neatly next to it. It comes in two different colors, black and brown. What I love about this purse is that it's shaped like an envelope and the flap is made of suede material. I ended up buying the black one even though I couldn't stop staring at the brown one as well. I was so tempted to buy both purses but I realized that I have too many brown purses. I've also been obsessed with the Chloe Faye bags lately. I've seen fashion bloggers on Instagram posting pictures of them carrying the bag around and I've also seen celebrities carrying them during fashion shows. It's one of the hottest and trendiest bags at the moment. I also love that the chain and large circle ring adds a statement look to the bag. Back to the Forever 21 bag, I feel that it was a bit too plain and I wanted a more fun and dramatic look to the bag so I decided to make my own tutorial on how to make your own Chloe Faye bags without spending a ton of money on it. Follow the easy three steps of this tutorial and I hope you all find it helpful. (FYI, I bought all my materials at Michael's and Joann Fabrics store. You can also use any purses you want as long as it has a flap on it.)


*Round Nose Pliers
*Flat Nose Pliers
*Black Threads
*Gold Chains
*Lobster Crab Clasp
*Large Round Circle Brass Ring

Step 1: Place the circle brass ring near the corner of the purse and stitch the thread around it. Keep repeating the step and once the thread starts to hold the ring, tie a knot tightly to secured it.

Step 2: Since the purse already comes with the circle ring, I attached the chain on to the ring and use the Round Nose pliers and flat Nose pliers to secured it tightly. (I cut the chain to about 12 inches long)

Step 3: Lastly, attached the lobster crab clasp to the chain. Again use the Round Nose pliers and Flat Nose pliers to secured it tightly.


Look 2, if you would like you can also add chains as the shoulder strap.

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