Friday, August 5, 2016

DIY: Tati Clasp Choker Inspired

I have seen many fashion bloggers on Instagram such as sophiachang, imjennim, and ellenvlora wearing this clasp choker necklace by ARE YOU AM I and I thought it was really cute and unique. Chokers has been really popular ever since it came back in style. You can dress up or down and still rock it. I was on the Shop Spring website and I noticed that the necklace cost $139 which can be very pricey if you don't like spending a ton of money. Once again I decided to come up with my own tutorial on how make your own clasp choker necklace for a much cheaper price. I bought the lobster clasp and chains at Joann Fabrics Store all under $10. Follow these easy steps and I hope you all find it helpful to create your own clasp choker. ENJOY!!

 photo IMG_2320_zpsiujp45ow.png

 photo IMG_2269_zpss6hxelc4.pngMaterials
*Round Nose Pliers
 *Flat Nose Pliers
*Gold Chains
 *Lobster Crab Clasp
*2 Round Circle Brass Rings
   photo IMG_2272_zpsnvi6sbpq.pngStep 1: Take the chain and measure around your neck to see how much you would like to cut off. Measurements can be different so measure it to your liking. (My chain length measures at 14 1/2 inches long.)
   photo IMG_2273_zps0qtrwfyn.pngStep 2: Connect the two brass rings on to the long strand chain. Use the round nose and flat nose pliers to secured the rings tightly.
   photo IMG_2276_zpsfcvd3hsy.pngStep 3: Connect the lobster crab clasp on to the smaller brass ring. Again take the round nose and flat nose pliers to secured the ring.
   photo IMG_2268_zpsmoekxtxj.pngFINISHED LOOK!!


  1. Just made this necklace today! Awesome DIY, I couldn't get myself to purchase the real one cause I'm cheap. :P

    1. Same here. It's ok to be cheap once in a while. Hope you find this tutorial helpful.