Sunday, November 6, 2016

DIY: Mermaid Outfit

My friends and I have been planning to be mermaids for Halloween since summer. Every year there's an Halloween event at Camp Ajawah in Wyoming on the first week of November. I know you all are all thinking, "A Halloween party in November?" It's because the place is always busy and it gets booked really quick so it's hard to book it on the week of Halloween. This will be my third time attending since 2010. I was inspired by Kim Kardashian's mermaid outfit that she wore during Halloween back in 2012 and I was also inspired by Lauren Conrad's DIY mermaid outfit which you can find a tutorial on her website ( As you can tell, my fabric is an alligator print because Joann's Fabric ran out of the green mermaid fabric print that I really wanted. Which means I'm technically a mermaid with an alligator tail. Honestly, the tail was the hardest part to finish and the fact that I also messed up a few times while sewing the green chiffon and tulle fabric onto the tail. I wanted to create the bottom tail into a flowy mermaid shape so at the end I decided to hand stitch the fabrics onto the tail since that was the best option and easiest way to finish the whole tail. It took me three weeks to finish the whole outfit due to my work schedule but I loved how it all turned out at the end. Also, I had a lot of fun at the party with my mermaids friends even though I got lost for almost an hour trying to find the location while driving. Let's just say I'm car pooling next time. (FYI, I bought my shells at Michael's but I suggest that you try to look for some shells at your local thrift store for a much cheaper price. I did eventually bought a large bag from Savers for $2.99)

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