Sunday, April 30, 2017

AC.CRUE Spring Closet Sale Haul

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I've done a haul. I just wanted to share with you all what I purchased last Saturday. My sister, Amanda and I went to an event sale called AC.CRUE in Saint Paul at a warehouse. Basically, this sale is consist of gently used items from brand names, jewelries, clothings, accessories, shoes, home decorations, etc. which price ranges from $10 or even less and under. My total cost was only $25. What I like about this sale is that you can find so many vintage items. I would love to purchase more but I wouldn't know where to place it in my small room. Definitely, check out their website, AC.CRUE CLOSET for more upcoming sales and you can also contact them if you would like to sale some of your old clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. that you no longer wear or need in your home.

This is definitely a fun dress to wear out. I love the sparkling, glitter details on this dress. Since velvet is so trendy and popular right now, I decided to purchase it because I don't have any velvet outfits in my closet yet. I can't wait to bring this outfit along with me when I go on my Vegas trip for my friend's bachelorette party in the next 3 weeks.

This dress is cuteness overload. I love how the material is velvet and that the bottom of the dress poofs out a bit. I also like how the collar covers your neck and the gold flowers are so gorgeous on this dress that I couldn't pass this on. This dress will definitely make you feel girly.


This dress is my favorite of all the items I purchased. I love the slanted stripes on the dress and how it has that upside down heart shaped in the middle. Plus, the collar gives you that elegant feeling to it. As for the sleeves, I don't like the stripes too much at the bottom of the sleeves so I might trim that part off. I will also have to adjust the length of the dress because it's too long for me but I cannot wait to wear this dress.

The moment I walked towards the jewelry section, I immediately feel in love with these jewelry pieces. I love chunky statement necklaces so I knew I just have to have these and plus the price ranges from $1-$3 so it was definitely a good deal. When I went over to the cashier to pay, she was saying that I got all the good steal.

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