Sunday, July 23, 2017

Crochet Lace Maxi Dress

I bought this crochet lace dress from NA-KD last summer but didn't get the chance to wear it because the length was super long for my height. As I mentioned before I'm only 4'11 and while wearing this crochet lace dress, I feel like the dress was swallowing my whole body. I ended up adjusting and trimming this dress on the shoulder part to fit well with my height. I really liked the details on the bottom hem of the dress which is why I didn't want to trim the bottom part. Even though I lost some floral crochet lace details on the shoulder area, I don't regret it because I'm planning to use the extra left overs for my crafts stuff. So after I'm don't trimming the dress, the length fits perfectly and as you can tell, the v-shaped neck is now closer to my neck as the original dress is more low cut. I thought about making the v-shaped neck lower but I didn't want to lose anymore floral details so I'm satisfied with how it turned out. You can wear this dress over your swimsuits for a nice beach boho look but I decided to wear it over a crop tank top and lace shorts and paired it with my black strap heels. I also added this beautiful handmade boho heart necklace that I bought from the flea market many many years ago to add a bit of a statement for this look. Hope you all enjoyed this fun outfit and thanks for reading.


Boho Crochet Maxi Caftan from NA-KD- $77.26
Handmade Boho Heart Necklace from Flea Market- $12
Hmong Bangle from Flea Market- $10
Black Strap Heels from Steve Madden- $35 (I bought it from POSHMARK)

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