Thursday, October 31, 2013


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She was just an ordinary girl, who's life is boring and she has no plans to explore the world. Her name is Catherine Daniel. Everyday she comes home from work, she makes dinner, read a book, then go straight to sleep. Yes, that's her daily routine. Until, one day she received an letter from an anonymous and she was given a mission to hunt down criminals. At first she thought this whole mission was a joke but the anonymous warned her that if she don't complete this mission her life will be in danger. She put on her black suit, she run down the streets in high heels, she drive her Toyota Camry as if it was a sports car, she jump from buildings to buildings as if she were Spider Man. Every tasks she failed and she told herself that she is not good enough.. not good enough for this mission, she hates her job, she hates her life and most of all she hates herself. Even though she wanted to give up something inside of her told her not to and that she is capable of doing anything if she puts in more effort. She just needs to believe in herself and show the world that she is not afraid. She pulled out her black suit once more and realized that this mission is not so bad after all. So her new life begins as she works during the day and she hunts down criminals during the night. She finally found her new strength and confidence as the cat woman.. but something is missing. She wondered why she was the chosen one and who is this anonymous person. Three months later, she received another letter but it was not like the letter she received before. When she opened the letter it read,

"Thank you for always being my friend and for always playing with me during the night."

At that moment she knew who exactly the anonymous person was.

DIY Black Lace Bunny Ears(this was from a Lady Gaga inspired mask)
Cat Woman Body Suit from Wet Seal
Thick Black Boots from

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