Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY: Chanel Pearl Hairpins Inspired

 photo IMG_1348_zpse5f22a8a.png
 photo IMG_0747_zps60c90f53.png

 photo IMG_1332_zps084cbe13.png Materials
*Wire Cutter
*Clear Elastic Threads
*Bobby Pins

 photo IMG_1337_zpse73d5d06.png
Step 1: Cut a long strand of elastic thread and poke it through the pearl whole, then tie it to a knot 1-2 times.

 photo IMG_4740-1_zps6fa01cdb.png
Step 2: Place the pearl on top of the bobby pin and start attaching the thread through the bobby pin. (Repeat this step over & over until it's tight and secure)

 photo IMG_1340_zpscdd96dc3.png Step 3: After it's tight enough, tie a knot 2-3 times to secure it. Use the wire cutter to cut the extra elastic strands.

 photo IMG_1344_zps7f59dde0.png

 photo IMG_1330_zpscebc6676.png

 photo IMG_1351_zps89d314de.png Finished look! Get ready to walk on the runway like a model!!

(FYI: I bought the Acrylic Diamonds & Pearls package at Joann Fabrics)

 photo chanel5_zpsb0e48fc3.png

 photo chanel4_zpsfec0abda.png

 photo chanel3_zpsf6ff0d9a.png

 photo chanel1_zps416d590b.png

 photo yoon2_zps52bd1923.png

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