Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY: Spice Up Your Purse With Studs

 photo IMG_1096_zpscd20c9ee.png
Chain Nose Pliers
Studs (You can use any studs you want. I used pyramid studs for my choice.)

 photo IMG_1094_zps25c7af40.png
I bought this cute cross body black purse from Target for $16.99

 photo IMG_1108_zpsd80f2a0a.png
Step 1: Polk the studs through the purse and use the chain nose pliers to press down the pointy ends.

 photo IMG_1100_zps73733296.png
The front view

 photo IMG_1110_zps64ee9714.png
Step 2: Keep repeating step 1 and polk the studs all across the purse.

 photo IMG_1112_zps9b25d46b.png

 photo IMG_1140_zps154595ce.png Finished Look!! It's optional but if you would like you can also remove the strap to a different kind of strap. I decided to remove it and added chains instead to give it a more edgy twist to it. I bought the strap chains from Joann's Fabric. Now you can rock this purse with any outfit when you go out.

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