Friday, August 8, 2014

Handmade Ankle Jewelry

 photo IMG_1115_zps6f4b7d90.png  photo IMG_1120_zps5893f5d7.png  photo IMG_1126_zps1b056d21.png  photo IMG_1128_zps917b1ca7.png  photo IMG_1124_zps337ad0ad.png  photo IMG_1123_zps7f9491d7.png

I originally bought the bracelets from Forever 21 so I can wear and accessorize it with my outfits but then I decided to make it into an ankle bracelet/jewelry. I have always been a huge fan of ankle bracelet/jewelry and have been wanting to make my own so I gathered up a few extra beads and created my own ankle bracelet/jewelry. It's perfect to wear for festivals, fairs, carnivals or basically anywhere you want.

Jewelry Bracelet(Gold/Turquoise) from Forever 21- $7.50
Cocoa 3 piece metal acrylic gold pearl from Joann's Fabric- $4.99
White Stone Composite from Michael's- $2.69

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