Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY: How To Make Your Own Fringe Clutch

 photo IMG_8860_zpsi7dple3j.png Materials:
*Zipper (16 inches)
*Thread Cutter

 photo IMG_8934_zpsvmosjkmu.png BEFORE--> I bought this tote bag from Target which was on sale for $10 and decided to do something new with this bag.

 photo IMG_8839_zpssacv3ait.png Step 1:
Use the thread cutter and cut all the threads around the bag.

 photo IMG_8845_zpsghyidfd6.png Once you are done cutting all the threads you should have two pieces.

 photo IMG_8847_zpscfdyhpib.png  photo IMG_8849_zpseilnmft8.png Step 2:
Take one piece and fold it in half and then use the scissors to cut off the handles.

 photo IMG_8850_zpsliqfdlpk.png It should look like a square when you are done.

 photo IMG_8858_zpsx8pkuzsz.png Step 3:
Fold it in half again and use the scissors to cut it all the way.

 photo IMG_8861_zps4kv0ntwa.png Step 4:
Take the zipper and sew it onto the fabric. Continue to sew the edges together.

 photo IMG_8868_zpsx1nf4joc.png Once you are done sewing, cut off the extra fabrics.

 photo IMG_8870_zps8q37uzwi.png Step 5:
Use the other fabric piece that you cut out and measure the clutch to see how much you need to cut off.

 photo IMG_8873_zpshlhrabbd.png It should look like this when you are done cutting.

*If you like short fringes, then you can cut them shorter.

 photo IMG_8878_zpsjyziwbda.png Step 6:
Tuck the longer fabric piece inside the clutch and make sure it’s lined equally. Sew the edges to secure it.

 photo IMG_8882_zpsfdnpwxa7.png When you are done sewing, cut the corner off to make it easier to fold inside out.

 photo IMG_8889_zpsr2o9d1nr.png It should look like this when you flip it inside out.

 photo IMG_8891_zpsuvxdzaxc.png Use the scissors to cut the fabric in small lines to form the fringes.

 photo IMG_8894_zpsb2j4gfq9.png Finished Look!!!

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