Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival

 photo IMG_9271_zpspsvbzswk.png  photo IMG_9307_zpstsqjob1m.png  photo IMG_9267_zpseurx3oot.png  photo IMG_9291_zps85lzoba9.png  photo IMG_9305_zpsthybsfdm.png On Sunday was the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival that took place at the Minnesota Como Park Zoo. Every year I'll attend with my sisters and friends and usually we'll just dress up in cute clothes but this year we decided to dress up in yukata. My sisters and I decided to go fabric shopping on Friday and bought all fabrics and materials at Joann Fabrics Store. At first I thought about going for an more dark and edgier fabric but there wasn't none that I like so I ended up buying an fabric that is a bit girly. I bought an light sky blue with pink flowers fabric for my yukata, an cream color with gold flowers as my waist belt, gold rope to wrap around my waist, and lastly I decided to go with pink roses as my flower crown. It all cost me between $29 to $32 with coupons which was a good deal. After we're done shopping I decided to make the flower crown that night first since it's really easy to make but it took me one whole day on Saturday to finished sewing my yukata and the waist belt so I probably didn't go to sleep until 2 AM. Even though there were some struggling making the waist belt because it didn't turn out the way I pictured it in my head but in the end I loved how everything turned out and when everything was put altogether. At the very last minute I decided to add some pearls to my braided hair while getting ready for the festival on Sunday. During the festival my friend, sisters, and I received a lot compliments. When we were taking pictures at the Japanese Garden at the festival, a little girl kept looking at us and said we looked really pretty, an older lady asked me if we were part of an traditional dance, after the lanterns were light and as we left the place an girl said my outfit was really pretty. This is my very first time wearing an yukata and it was an fun event despite how crowded it is this year.

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