Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DIY: How To Make Your Own Sequins Lashes Clutch

 photo IMG_4823_zpsotpdop9s.jpg
I was browsing through Tumblr and I came across this cute sequins lashes clutch and thought it was really cute. I don't know who's the designer or what name brand it belongs to. I searched everywhere and couldn't find no results or any other images of this cute clutch so I decided to make my own version. If you happen to know the brand name or designer of this clutch, please comment below but in the mean time follow these easy steps to create your own version.

 photo IMG_9544_zpsteaj0g6t.png Materials:
White Leather Fabric
Red Lips Fabric
Pink Zipper
Embroidery Threads
Fish Line Threads
White Sewing Threads

 photo IMG_8752_zps5wzepito.png Step 1:
Take an old clutch and use a chalk to trace on the leather. Make sure to leave extra space for sewing.

Length= 12 inches
Height= 8 inches

 photo IMG_8753_zpsfymc7smn.png Step 2:
Place the leather fabric on top of the second fabric and cut it. The second fabric will be used inside the clutch. I decided to use red lips for my second fabric.

(This part is optional. You don't have to use a second fabric. I decided to use a second fabric because the leather is a bit thin and because I wanted to give it more of a cute and funky look.)

 photo IMG_8758_zpsyloveddl.png You should have four pieces when you aredone cuting.

 photo IMG_8760_zpshuqj3f5l.png Step 3:
Take all four fabric pieces, pin them onto the zipper, and then start sewing.

 photo IMG_8766_zpsp5ab5gpg.png It should look like this when you are done sewing.

 photo IMG_8769_zpsfmkh1kay.png Step 4: Continue sewing the side edges together.

 photo IMG_8780_zpshqt360sv.png Step 5:
Take a marker and start drawing the lashes on the leather fabric. I also marked a dot in the middle to help me keep the eyes equally centered.

 photo IMG_9515_zpskzrvsibx.png Step 6:
Use a needle and some embroidery thread to hand sew over the drawn lashes. Keep repeating this step over and over until you are done.

(This step is a bit complicated. It took me a few times to perfect it. It's time consuming so be patient.)

 photo IMG_9522_zpszivnewzf.png Step 7:
When you are done embroidering the lashes, take the marker again and draw the lids.

 photo IMG_9525_zpsldgszqga.png Step 8:
Start sewing over the lids with some sequins using clear fish line thread. Keep repeating this step over and over until you are done.

 photo IMG_9529_zpsbnlk22jx.png It should look like this when you are done.

 photo IMG_9534_zpsxzzcac9b.png Step 9:
Flip the clutch inside out and finish sewing the bottom of the clutch.

 photo IMG_9536_zps0lowp3qk.png Step 10:
When you are done sewing, cut the corners off to make it easier to fold right side out.

 photo IMG_9538_zpsskh7znww.png FINISHED LOOK!!

 photo IMG_9973_zpsqknxnz5b.png  photo IMG_9865_zpsivtdkofo.png

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