Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ACen Portrait

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YAAAH!! It's finally up on the site. At ACen an photographer came up to me and asked to take a picture of me. At first I was surprised then shocked or both at the same time because I didn't cosplay. I only wore a long lace maxi dress along w/ my handmade pearl headpiece. I told him, "Oh, I'm not dressed up or in a cosplay outfit" and he said, "Oh, it's ok I also take portraits". He told me to look straight at the camera and I was feeling a bit nervous because I tried to smile but he told me not to smile. Plus, my face expression is still very stiff and I still need to work on my expressions or poses when I'm taking pictures. Sometimes I have to tell myself to just relax and try not to think too much. After that he gave me his card and ask that I check his website once he post his photos up. He takes amazing pictures and some are really awesome. Go Check out his website!!


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