Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HoliDate Night

For this next holiday inspired look, I am wearing a dress that I purchased from Express over the summer. I usually don't like wearing anything that has a V-neck shape just because I have a much smaller chest and sometimes the fitting on my chest does not fit too well so I always avoid V-necks. But for some reason, I actually liked how this dress fits on me and because the material is cotton so it makes it extra comfortable. I love the lace detail on the V-neck area, the polka dot sheer material for the upper area and lastly, the round neck choker. Whenever I see black dresses, I always picture something elegant, sophisticated, classy, simple, etc. So I wanted to leave this outfit simple because the V-neck is already adding a dramatic look to the dress and I wanted the attention to stay focus on the laces. I decided to add a pair of statement earrings and a rhinestone diamond bracelet that I made. Lastly, to finish this look I'm wearing my black straps heels and adding a transparent rectangle purse. I think black on black adds a bit of classiness to the outfit which I really like. I hope you enjoyed this look. Have a nice day.

Black Lace V-neck Dress from Express- $40
Clear Transparent purse from Forever 21- $10
Black Strap Heels from Steve Madden- $35 (I bought it from POSHMARK)
Statement Earrings from Charlotte Russe- $6
DIY rhinestone silver bracelet

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